miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

Movies and the way we talk

In the future (soon we all hope), you’ll have to talk in english about everything you talk in spanish, that’s why a good excercise is to watch movies without the subtitles, or at least try to understand movies without them, because in movies you can hear lots of different topics (assuming you don’t watch JUST tom cruise/julia roberts movies!), and more than topics, for a colloquial improving of your language, you can see lots of different daily situations, things you’ll have to talk or discuss about in future. At work it’s important to have a big arsenal of technical language, but in order to comunicate with the people you work, make contacts, or just have a good time in between work, you have to know how to manage yourself at work.

Yesterday I was watching this movie "before sunrise" by Richard Linklater, it’s in youtube (but I didn't watch there though), and it's good for this purpose because the characters talk about lots of different things. As an excercise you could try to understand this little fragment :

First words

After coursing the subject, you can observe that the topics weren’t chosen at random, you can see that it follows a litle logic.
Our first project, was to record a foreign person, in order to analise their pronunciation, and their vocabulary. In this way, we can observe ourselves, and analyze the way we pronounce in contrast to other cultures, or other people in our environment. You have to have some reference in order to know where you are.

After mastering (sort of speak) our pronunciation (or at least improving, being more realistic), we focused on our daily lenguaje, how we signify our daily problems in this weird language. That’s why we presented how we see our neighbourhood, by presenting their problems, and then how we could solve them. Being this presentation, first oral, in order to practice our pronunciation, and then by handing in a paper with our work.

Then we started to talk about recipes, and it led us into a specialized language (in contrast with the previous colloquial language). We ran into a big problem, that is our lack of vocabulary confronting ourselves into a specific area. And as an extension of this, we analyzed.

As a summary, the objective of the subject was to improve pronunciation, confront to a colloquial and daily language and then to a specific and more technical language.

Mauricio Alarcón M.